Martin W. Grosnick has been photographing professionally in Alaska since 1976. Although he photographs primarily in Denali National Park, he has also photographed in Katmai National Park and the Chilkat Valley in Alaska, and the Everglades and the Southwest deserts of the Lower 48 states. His latest passions are photographing the herds on the Serengeti Plains of East Africa, and animal portraits in the arid bushveld of Southern Africa.

He received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Biology from Northern Michigan University, and has worked in Alaska as a field biologist. Primarily specializing in wildlife, he tries to apply his knowledge of animal behavior to anticipate his subject's actions and interactions, enabling him to capture on film the natural history of each animal for those unable to observe firsthand. And when afield with wildlife, he records natural scenics witnessed by few.

His photographs have appeared in numerous publications like Alaska, Audubon, Geo, International and National Wildlife, Natural History, Ranger Rick, Science Digest, and Weekly Reader; also in books from National Geographic Society, National Wildlife Federation and Reader's Digest; and in calendars from Audubon, Sierra Club, and World Wildlife Fund.